Words, words, words...

I love playing with words and exploring language. I experience a thrill of satisfaction when I find that perfect combination of words to express my meaning.


I have been a scribbler from a young age – always starting stories (but rarely finishing them), crafting poems, making up songs and rhymes…


At university, I was encouraged by one of my lecturers, who commented on one of my essays that I wrote with ‘elegance and wit’. I became more ambitious, and wrote a children’s book. I then discovered major plot holes, but at least I had finished a project!


After graduating, I continued to write in my spare time. One day I read an article about “snowbabies” – frozen embryos created as part of the IVF process – and how the question of what to do with these “spares” is often an agonising decision for the couples involved. The idea grabbed hold of me, and I started writing… and the result was Lives in Limbo, which I self-published in November 2013.


Since then I have carried on writing. So far, I have yet to find a project that has carried me along to a finished novel… but I have notebooks full of ideas, I’m learning all the time, and I’m confident that someday one of my brain-children will grow into a complete second novel!

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