Sometimes, the end is just the beginning...

You had fertility problems. You went through the IVF process. You have your longed-for family. But you also have additional embryos in storage. What will you do with them?
For four families, making this difficult decision will prove a threat to their happiness, security and well-being.
Susie Allen’s circumstances have changed dramatically since her embryos were created. She does not plan to use the embryos herself, but her logical approach to resolving the issue is frustrated by the necessity of considering the wishes of her wider family.
The Hunter’s busy lives hide a web of secrets, depression and guilt. When Harry discovers Elise has been hiding the reminder letters about their remaining embryo, the past overshadows their present dilemma, so that both their marriage and their Christian faith are severely tested.
Jayanti and Percy Bell’s problem is communication. Superstitious fears and a need to please, combined with the pressures of raising a handicapped daughter, conspire to prevent an open discussion taking place – with near-catastrophic results.
Thirteen year old Alice Richards has a clear sense of right and wrong and holds tenaciously onto her opinions. When she accidentally discovers that she has potential siblings in storage, and that her parents plan to dispose of them, she wages a campaign to change their minds.

Lives in Limbo is a poignant and moving tale that depicts with compassion and sensitivity the thoughts and emotions of six individuals grappling with this very modern quandary. As the novel follows each family’s journey, it explores the nature of responsibility, the fragility of human relationships and what it means to be alive.

Lives in Limbo is available to buy as a paperback or Kindle edition from and from You can watch the Lives in Limbo video trailer here. You can read a free sample of Lives in Limbo by clicking here.


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