Getting crafty and creative...

In addition to my writing, I enjoy being practically creative through various arts and crafts activities. 

I love to create jewellery - crocheting delicate necklaces, bracelets and earrings with metalic or silver wire and beads and semi-precious gems, plaiting leather, velour, strings of beads or electrical wire to make bold, chunky bracelets, making hundreds of Fimo flowers to make an intricate and colourful bracelet... or simply using cotton thread to create something simple yet perfect in its own way... 

Book folding is an intricate and time-consuming activity. Finding the right book, coming up with a word or image that I want to create in the pages of that book, making the complicated calculations required to produce the pattern... the folding is actually the easy part! 

Encaustic wax paintings are created by melting encaustic wax on a special iron. I then use the iron to 'paint' onto photo paper. I prefer to create abstract images, which can then either be framed, or used to create cards or book marks.

I love to crochet, and as well as making scarves and cardigans for myself, and gifts for friends, I crochet squares which are then incorporated into various "community knit" blankets created by a group of women online. I've never met any of my fellow square-makers in person, but we have a great camaraderie and really enjoy our projects. 

At the beginning of 2017 I had the opportunity of participating in an art class, where a group of us of all abilities explored various techniques. I am now trying to be more creative, and am trying to explore using soft pastels and oil pastels in my drawing. 

I write about my art and craft work on my blog - Coloured Fragments

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