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I was born in England, and grew up in Colchester, Essex. After completing my teacher training at Homerton College, Cambridge, I returned to Essex to work as a primary school teacher. In 2009, I moved to a village near Lausanne, Switzerland, and I spent the next six and a half years exploring life in Switzerland, learning French and having a lot of unexpected experiences! It was during this time that I wrote and self-published my first novel, Lives in Limbo. I also started to experiment with other creative activities, including jewellery making, encaustic wax painting and book folding.  On New Year's Day 2016, I decided that my Swiss adventure had run its course, and started making plans to return to the UK. Since April 2016, I have been living near Chichester, West Sussex, where I continue to scribble, create, struggle to play the guitar and bemoan the poor state of public transport.

You can read more about me on my Amazon Author Page... and feel free to follow me on Twitter and like my Facebook page for updates about my writing. 

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